Saturday Vendors

Seasonal Vendors

Marks Farm & Greenhouse

Booths 23-25 | Every Saturday
Ben Marks | Britton, MI

Homegrown and family owned.
Fresh produce, frozen meats, eggs, potted plants, and fresh herbs.

Sweet Seasons Orchard

Booths 2-5 | Every Saturday
Ed & Nan Jasinowski | Concord, MI

Fresh fruit, baked goods, apple cider, apples, plums, soup starters, jams, honey, and honey sticks.

Curtis Farms

Booths 15-18 | Every Saturday
Dennis Curtis | Napoleon, MI

Fresh vegetables, cantaloupe, watermelon, fresh cut flowers, honey, popcorn, pumpkins, and maple syrup.

Paul Prielipp 

Booths 8-12, 33-38 | Every Saturday
Paul Prielipp | Britton, MI

Fresh vegetables, potted plants, mums, tomatoes, corn, and pumpkins.

Karen Rockwell Floral

Booth 22 | Every Saturday
Karen Rockwell | Jackson, MI

Hand crafted, artificial floral arrangements.

Dianna Delights

Booth 42 | Every Saturday
Dianna Burger | Jackson, MI

Baked goods, cookies, English muffin bread, jams, and jellies.

Daily Vendors

Grandma’s Lavender

Caleb & Emma Kesterson | Parma, MI

Lavender skin care products, lavender chap sticks, lavender wash, and occasional fresh eggs.

J & J Farms

Gerald Gasche | Stockbridge, MI

Seasonal asparagus and raspberries.

Samuel’s Soups & Candles

Denise Braybrooke | Jackson, MI

Hand made soaps, bath bombs, and candles.

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